Information Flux in the 21st Century

21st Century Information Management Professional

I am not comfortable labeling myself a librarian, even though my mint degree is a Masters of Science in Information and Library Science. Proud as I am with the profession, I think the nomenclature is dated. I was recently asked what I did, after mentioning that I graduated and was looking for a job in my new career. My reply, which I was never comfortable answering in my last “career,” was information specialist. I was not only comfortable answering the question, but I was proud, too. Yet, on second thought, information specialist was vague and belied the depth of the work.  So, what about  information management professional?  Seems this is not so original. Syracuse University has a 42 credit program in Information Management (formerly information resources management). What are the courses that bridge the 6 credit gap between a MSLIS and a MSIM? Of course, I’ll be looking into this. To be continued…


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