Information Flux in the 21st Century

Yes, I am a librarian!

I recently got into a heated discussion with one of my ten year old daughters about being a librarian. When I started a sentence “as a librarian…,” she insisted that I wasn’t one. My response was, “but I am – I’m a digital librarian.” Yes, she said, but you’re not a librarian. Why not, because I don’t work in a library, I asked? That seems to be her ten year old brain’s deduction. She is growing up in world of digital born information, yet still thinks that being a librarian has to do with a physical space, and books. Thanks, Google. Not!

Way back, in the mid 1990s, when I first thought about a career change, I did not think of being a librarian in the traditional sense. But I did know that I would need the skills of librarian if I wanted to learn how to organize the exponentially growing digital information on the Web. I humbly and ashamedly admit that I once considered “librarian” a dated professional title in the world of 21st century data organization. Now I boldly see that we librarians must carry on the name, and assure that the profession is effectively migrated to other data forms and environments.


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