Information Flux in the 21st Century

Blazing a Curated Trail

Okay, it’s been a while. That doesn’t mean that I have stopped marveling at the evolution of the approximately two-decade-old transformation of information flow, absorption, comprehension, etc. Au contraire! I’m excitedly seeing and anticipating new tools that will help to make meaning out of the petabytes of information stored in silos thought the world, and more and more in the cloud.

I just read a post on Mashable, A More Organic Way to Organize The Web’s Content by Lauren Indvik, about a new tool, Trailmeme, that will enable me to “create, annotate and walk individually curated trails through web content.” I can’t wait to build a trail! Wait, rather than spend this sunny afternoon building one, why not use a bundle from my delicious account or a list that my colleague created in diigo? I would love to map out that content.

No go. I am not going to forfeit this last sunny, warm Saturday afternoon in September to test this tool. I’ve already spent many an hour curating fine collections and would rather not have to start over. I’ll check out Trailmeme again when the functionality to import bookmarks is available.


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