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Ask Brooklyn Museum

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Last week my volunteer gig at the Brooklyn Museum was to help promote a new app, Ask. Ask engages Museum visitors with art.  My role was to encourage visitors to download the app and use it. I helped visitors download the app, connect to the Brooklyn Museum wifi, turn on Bluetooth and toggle location services on for the app. Most visitors were tech savvy enough to require little assistance. But enough with the mundane.

A visitor snaps a photo using the app and the image is sent to the Audience Engagement team, the think tank behind Ask. These friendly, knowledgeable folks stand on the ready to engage visitors of the museum with the art in question. They are working with technology that includes a database of works in the Museum and they are continually building on a wiki that contains information about works as well as comparable styles, works, etc. The app works in real time; questions and answers are ephemeral. If you want to research further later, remember to take notes.

The team graciously gave me a demo at the end of my shift and let me hang around to see them in action, answering questions and looking up information on their wiki. For answers to my questions about the app, I was directed to the informative Tech blog where I found lots of information, starting with the announcement in September, 2014.

I took the app for a spin. Here are screenshots of my interactions:



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